🔫Alien Raid

Alien Raid is an on-chain game on AlienFi in which Aliens(players) together put on a fight with the humans, competing with one another to win the loot!

The Humans have been roaming galaxies and they've collected some $ALIEN tokens into the loot pot. The last one standing champion will win most of the loot, while the rest of it will be salvaged by the humans for the next round which starts 12 hours after the previous one ends.


  • Each player can only bid 1 $ALIEN tokens at a time

  • You must place your bid within the 30 seconds countdown timer

  • You must be the last one standing to be the champion and to get the loot

How to play

  1. Once the round has started, the first user to place a bid of 1 $ALIEN tokens will start a 30-second countdown timer and launches the first attack on humans.

  2. Players can only bid 1 $ALIEN tokens at a time in a single transaction and each $ALIEN token that is placed as a bid will be added to the loot pot.

  3. Current champion displays the wallet address of the most recent player who has placed the bid and attacked the humans.

  4. Other players have to place their bids before the 30 seconds countdown reaches 0.

  5. As soon as someone else places a bid and attack the humans, the countdown timer will reset back to 30 seconds.

  6. If no other player places the bid within the 30 seconds and the timer reaches 0, the current champion will be the last on standing. When timer reaches 0, the current champion wins the round and takes the loot.

  7. Winner can claim the loot by clicking the claim button and the $ALIEN tokens will be sent directly to their wallet. At the same time 12 hour countdown timer will start for the next round.

Loot Pot

  • 50% of the loot from the loot pot will go to the champion who’s the winner of the round.

  • 30% will be salvaged by humans and taken to the next round.

  • 10% will be burned.

  • 10% goes to the dev’s wallet

As the players compete with one another to be the last one standing and the longer the game gets, loot pot grows larger and larger.

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