General Details

Ticker: $ALIEN Network: Arbitrum (ERC-20) Contract Address: 0x6740Acb82ac5C63A7ad2397ee1faed7c788F5f8c Chart: https://dexscreener.com/arbitrum/0x2408bcb8edb820dad4660df627337c083eba762a Initial Mint: 2.8Mil Max Mint: 500Mil


This means that if 110 $ALIEN tokens are minted, 11 $ALIEN tokens are distributed to MasterChef contract (which contains staking farms & pools) and 10 $ALIEN tokens are sent to the Dev wallet.

$ALIEN sent to the Dev address will be burned once deflationary measures are needed to control overall token supply.

Arbitrum average block time is 0.3 seconds but can vary based on congestion.


To learn about trading/dex fee, you can head over to AlienFi Swap page.

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