Time Lock Staking Pools

AlienFi offers time lock staking pools to users who prefer a more structured and beneficial investment strategy. These pools allow users to lock their tokens for a set period, in exchange for a higher annual percentage yield (APY).

Time lock staking is a great option for investors who are looking for a higher reward, long-term investment strategy. Unlike flexible staking pools, where users can withdraw their tokens at any time, time lock staking pools have strict lockup periods and the users cannot withdraw their tokens before the end of the lockup period.

How To Stake In Time Lock Staking Pools

  1. Connect your wallet to AlienFi.

  2. Navigate to the Staking Pools page by clicking on the Pools option from the navigation bar.

  3. Select the desired staking pool and click on it.

  4. You'll see 2 options, flexible or locked.

  5. Click the locked button for time lock staking.

  6. Enter the desired amount of $ALIEN tokens to stake and set the lock duration as well.

  7. Stake the tokens by clicking the Stake/Confirm button.

  8. Approve the transaction in your wallet and done!

Your $ALIEN tokens are now staked in the time lock staking pool and earning rewards.

Extending Lock Duration

You can always extend the time of your locked $ALIEN tokens by clicking the Extend button. Select how much time you want to add on top of the initial lock duration. The longer you lock, the higher your yield will be boosted. The maximum locking duration is 52 weeks.

Note: Time you select while extending the lock duration will be added on top of the initial lock duration.

Adding More $ALIEN

You can always add more $ALIEN tokens into your time locked staking but it'll reset your staking term based on the remaining lock duration.

You can do this by clicking on Add ALIEN and select the amount of $ALIEN tokens you want to add on top of the initial staked tokens.

You can check the "Renew and extend your lock" box to keep the similar benefits.

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