🔀AlienFi Swap

AlienFi Swap is designed in a simple, efficient, fast, cheap, and secure way to trade one ERC-20 token for another via our automated liquidity pools. With AlienFi, you can trade with ease, knowing that you're in control of your assets and that your transactions are protected.

Quick Summary:

  • Decentralized exchange for ERC-20 tokens

  • Offers a simple, secure and user-friendly environment

  • Incentives liquidity provision by paying a 0.25% fee to liquidity providers on each trade

  • Slippage tolerance feature to set the maximum price difference you are willing to accept

  • Tx deadline & expert mode to take full control of the swaps

  • Live price impact to make better decisions

Swapping your tokens on AlienFi is the simplest type of trading and it can be done by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you're on the Arbitrum network and then connect your wallet to AlienFi.

  2. In the upper section, select the token from the list which you want to swap and that token must be available in your wallet which you connected.

  3. In the lower section, select the token that you want to swap with the token you selected above.

  4. Make sure the slippage amount is right which varies from token to token.

  5. If you're swapping a particular token for the first time on AlienFi then you'll have to enable the token first by clicking on enable button and confirming the transaction in your wallet.

  6. Then click swap and confirm the swap transaction in your wallet.

To ensure that there's always enough liquidity on the platform for smooth trading, we incentivize investors to provide liquidity by paying a big portion from 0.25% trading fee to them whenever someone swap their tokens on AlienFi. Our liquidity provision system is designed to reward investors who provide liquidity. Whether they hold their LP tokens in their wallets or stake them into Yield Farms, they'll earn their proportionate share of the trading fees.

Trading Fee Structure

  • 0.17% is returned to liquidity pools as a reward for liquidity providers.

  • 0.05% goes to the AlienFi Treasury.

  • 0.03% is used to buyback $ALIEN

NOTE: By holding $ALIEN, every trade on the AlienFi benefits your position, since a portion of fee is used to buy back and burn $ALIEN tokens.

Slippage Like all decentralized exchanges, there may be a small difference in the price you see when you initiate a swap and the price that is recorded on the blockchain, it is known as "slippage".

To mitigate this, AlienFi allow users to select a "slippage tolerance" percentage, which is the maximum price difference they are willing to accept for their trades to be executed.

On default, slippage tolerance is set to 0.50%, but you can adjust it between 0.10% to 45.00%. If the price difference exceeds your slippage tolerance, your swap transaction will either not pop up or it will show error and fail.

Please note that if the token you are trading has a reflect fee, your slippage tolerance must meet or exceed the reflect fee percentage to ensure a successful trade.

Price Impact

In addition to external factors, your trade itself can also impact the price of the token, known as "price impact".

This percentage is displayed at the bottom of the swap module and is determined by the constant product formula. If your slippage tolerance is lower than the price impact of your trade, the trade will fail.

Tx Deadlines

For security purposes, all swaps on AlienFi have a default transaction deadline of 20 minutes. It means if your swap in pending confirmation on the blockchain for 20 minutes then it will time out and fail. You can adjust this time limit in the settings of the Swap page to your preference. Expert Mode

For advanced users, AlienFi offers Expert Mode, which gives you full control and make swaps faster for you as it disables the Confirm Transaction prompt and enables high-slippage trades. Expert Mode also allows you to send the tokens you are trading to an address other than your own. Please note that high-slippage may result in poor rates and potential loss of funds.

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