๐Ÿ’ฏGuess The Number

Guess The Number is an on-chain game of chance which you can play privately on AlienFi at any time.

It contains numbers from 1 to 6 numbers and you can select numbers range between 1 to 6. The numbers range can include minimum 2 numbers and maximum 6 numbers. After selecting the numbers range and setting the bet amount, you roll a die. If the rolled number is within the number range you selected then you win a prize, if it isnโ€™t then you lose your bet.

Higher the risk you take, higher the rewards you get.


  • Thereโ€™s no betting limit for $ALIEN tokens

  • Payout ratio depends on the numbers in included in the numbers range

  • The more numbers you select = more chances of winning = lower payout ratio

  • You can minimum select 2 numbers and maximum 6 numbers in your numbers range

How To Play

  1. Select any numbers range from 1 to 6 and input your bet amount.

  2. Click the โ€œRollโ€ button and the die will roll.

  3. If the rolled number is included in the numbers range you selected then you win a prize.

  4. If the rolled number doesnโ€™t matches any of the numbers you selected then you lose 100% of your bet.

Payout Ratio:

2 numbers in numbers range = 2.91x payout = 33.33% winning chance

3 numbers in numbers range = 1.94x payout = 50% winning chance

4 numbers in numbers range= 1.46x payout = 66.67% winning chance

5 numbers in numbers range = 1.16x payout = 83.33% winning chance

6 numbers in numbers range = 0.97x payout = 100% winning chance

No $ALIEN tokens are burned or sent to dev on winning.

On losing, 1.5% of the total bet gets burned and 1.5% is sent to the devโ€™s wallet while the remaining 97% is sent to Rewards Pool.

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