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AlienFi will be launching its own free mint NFT Collection "Space Curators". This collection will feature 5000 unique and alien-themed NFTs which are not only visually stunning, but they also provide a wealth of utilities on the AlienFi platform.

Total supply - 5,000 NFTs Name - Space Curators Symbol - $SPC

Each NFT in the collection is one-of-a-kind, featuring unique art inspired by extraterrestrial creatures and outer space. The collection is limited in quantity, adding to the value and rarity of each NFT. Not only will these NFTs make for a great addition to any NFT enthusiast, but they will also unlock a variety of benefits and features on the AlienFi platform for them which are listed below.


Whitelists for NFTs and Token Sales

The AlienFi Space Curators NFT collection provides a valuable utility for users who are looking to participate in new NFTs and tokens sales. By holding one of these NFTs, users will be automatically whitelisted for the upcoming sales, allowing them to easily participate and have the chance to own exclusive and rare assets.

NFTs and Tokens Airdrops

Holding one of the Space Curators NFTs also provides the opportunity for holders to receive NFTs and tokens airdrops. These airdrops are a way for the platform to reward its community members and provide additional value to the NFTs they hold.

Early Access To AlienFi Upcoming Games

NFTs holders are also granted early access to any upcoming games on the AlienFi platform. As a result, NFT holders will have the opportunity to get a head start and have a competitive edge in these games when they play against others.

Weekly Giveaways & Prize Pools

In addition to all these utilities, NFT holders will also have the opportunity to participate in the weekly giveaways and prize pools on AlienFi where they can win rewards in $ALIEN, ETH or some more NFTs.

Access To DAO/Governance

These NFTs provide access to the platform's DAO or governance structure. By holding one of these NFTs, users will be able to cast their vote and help make important decisions that shape the future of the AlienFi platform.

Access To Special Events & Games

NFT holders will also have access to special events and games hosted by AlienFi. These events and games will provide additional opportunities for users to engage with the platform and win prizes in $ALIEN tokens.

Discord Roles & Rewards

Holding one of these NFTs will provide you a special role on Discord. Users with this role will be provided with additional benefits and perks for being a special member of AlienFi's community.

Raffles and Prizes

Holders will have the opportunity to participate in raffles and prize pools. These raffles will provide some extra ordinary opportunities for users to win valuable prizes which other members won't be having.

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