AlienFi has designed its $ALIEN token in a way to prioritizes slow and steady growth over time. Unlike other tokens which aim for a quick price spikes, AlienFi focuses on token adoption and increasing total value locked (TVL) on the platform.

$ALIEN token has no max supply, to maintain control over the token's supply and price, we've implemented a system of minting and burning $ALIEN tokens. The same system takes care of emissions and distribution of $ALIEN tokens. The ultimate goal of AlienFi is to provide its users with a reliable and sustainable yield while delivering the best possible decentralized finance (DeFi) experience.

$ALIEN Presale

Date: Feb 20th, 2023 Starts at: 4PM UTC Ends at: The presale will run for 48 hours and will be ending at 4PM UTC on 22nd Feb, 2023 Presale & Listing Price: 0.000166ETH/$ALIEN or 1 ETH = 6,000 $ALIEN Tokens For Presale: 1.38Mil $ALIEN Total Raise: 250 ETH ~ ($421.6k) LP: (90 ETH With $ALIEN) & (90 ETH For Other Farming Pairs)

Raise will follow an overflow method and it'll take place on ETH network. Any excess/unspent funds (ETH) will be sent back to investors wallet when they claim their $ALIEN tokens on the ETH Network.

Important: $ALIEN token on the ETH Network works like a placeholder token. As AlienFi is on Arbitrum Network, so you’ll be airdropped with the real $ALIEN tokens on Arbitrum at 1:1 ratio.

Warning: Please do not transfer your $ALIEN tokens on ETH Network to any other wallet(s) or you might end up losing those forever.

Make sure the wallet you’re using to participate in the AlienFi presale on ETH Network works on the Arbitrum Network as well. You’ll be able to trade $ALIEN tokens on AlienFi as soon as they’re airdropped into your wallet on Arbitrum Network.

Overflow Method

Investors can contribute as much as they want or as little as they want to the AlienFi presale and their final allocation will be based on the amount of funds they put in as a percentage of all funds put in by other users at the time the presale ends.

It means the more you put in, the more you will get, and you’ll get back anything that doesn’t get spent.

To calculate your final allocation, you can use this formula: (ETH Contributed By You / Total ETH Contributed) * Number of tokens available for sale $ALIEN Presale & Launch Timeline

4PM, 20th Feb

Presale goes live and investors start their contributions.

4PM, 22nd Feb

Presale ends and investors claim their $ALIEN tokens on ETH Network and any unspent ETH as well.

6PM, 22nd Feb

$ALIEN tokens on Arbitrum Network are airdropped to the investors at 1:1 ratio and trading of $ALIEN on AlienFi goes live.

6PM, 22nd Feb

Yield Farms & Staking Pools are made live so users can stake their $ALIEN tokens and take advantage of juicy APRs.

How To Participate

  • Connect your wallet with AlienFi from the top right corner & make sure you are connected to the ETH network.

  • Click the “Approve” button and confirm it in your wallet, this action provides you permission to participate in the presale.

  • Enter the amount of ETH you want to contribute in the presale and click the “Contribute” button, confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  • Done, you’ve contributed your ETH successfully.

At 4PM 22nd Feb, click the “Claim” button to get your $ALIEN tokens alongside your unspent ETH (if any).

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